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Book Review : Eragon Trilogy a.k.a Inheritance Cycle

kali ini, aku nak buat Book Review 
genre Fantasy
first of all, mestile aku kasik sipnopsis die kan...

sipnosis ni aku amik dari wiki eragoneldest & Brisingr

cut sip for Eragon 

While hunting, Eragon, a 15-year-old farm boy, finds a polished stone in a dangerous mountain range known only as "The Spine." He takes the "stone" to his native village Carvahall, but fails to trade it for food to the village butcher, Sloan. Eragon then elects to bring the stone back to his uncle Garrow's farm and leave it aside as a curiosity. Soon afterward, Eragon realizes that the "stone" is actually a dragon egg, as it hatches. Two mysterious strangers soon appear in Carvahall, inquiring about the egg. His already-hatched dragon, Saphira, is afraid the strangers mean harm, and flees Eragon's hometown with him for a night, only to return to find his uncle Garrow killed and his farm destroyed. The town's storyteller, Brom, offers to flee with Eragon, and over some weeks of travelling teaches him all he knows of magic and dragons, in order to defeat Alagaesia's evil king, Galbatorix, and help him in pursuing his uncle's killers, the Ra'zac. As they painstakingly track down the strangers, revealed as the Ra'zac, Brom is killed in an ambush by them. Then Eragon with the help of Murtagh rescues an elven woman, Arya who is being tortured by a shade, Durza. They flee to the Varden to treat Arya, who is poisoned. At the base of the Varden in Farthen Dûr, Durza leads an army of Urgals. Eragon kills Durza when Arya and Saphira distract him, but gets a horrible scar down his back in the process which later leads to frequent debilitating seizures for Eragon.

cut sip for Eldest

Eldest begins as Ajihad, the leader of the rebel Varden force, is ambushed and killed, with Murtagh gone while Ajihad's other guards are assumed dead. At his funeral, Ajihad's daughterNasuada is elected to command the Varden. The protagonists Eragon and Saphira then decide to travel to the forest Du Weldenvarden to become trained as a Dragon Rider by the elves. Once there, Eragon meets Oromis and his dragon Glaedr, the only dragon and Rider secretly alive besides Eragon, Saphira and Galbatorix. Oromis and Glaedr, however, are both crippled, and so cannot fight Galbatorix and must hide to avoid Galbatorix hunting them down. Eragon and Saphira are taught the use of logic, magic theory, scholarship, and combat, among other things.
In the meantime, Eragon continues his training, but is discouraged when the scar on his back causes him to have seizures multiple times per day.He has been swooning over Arya for most of the book. Saphira also has a similar problem with Glaedr. She believes him to be a good choice for a mate and sties to win his affections. The effort fails miserably but brings Eragon and Her closer together. Later, at the ancient elven ceremony, the Agaetí Blödhren (Blood-Oath Celebration), Eragon is altered by a spectral dragon. The changes alter his senses, and enhance his abilities, effectively turning him into an elf-human hybrid, as well as healing all of his wounds. Afterward he confesses his feelings for Arya who rejects him brutally. Reinvigorated, Eragon continues training until he learns that the Empire will soon attack the Varden in Surda. Dismayed, he leaves without completing his training, to aid the Varden in battle. Upon leaving he is given a bow with magical arrows, a belt with 12 priceless gems, an enchanted flask of elvish concoction, a copy of his poem, and the blessing of Oromis and Glaedr. 

cut sip for Brisingr

Brisingr begins as Eragon, Saphira, and Roran travel to Helgrind, the sanctuary of the Ra'zac. There they rescue Roran's betrothed, Katrina, who was being held prisoner, and kill one of the Ra'zac. Saphira, Roran, and Katrina return to the Varden, while Eragon stays behind to kill the remaining Ra'zac and to punish Sloan, Katrina's father and the Razac's captive, for betraying Carvahall. He discovers Sloans true name and punishes him by making him travel to the elves realm and staying there for the remainder of his life. Once he returns to the Varden, Eragon discovers that Katrina is pregnant with Roran's child and a wedding is arranged, which Eragon is to conduct. Just before it begins, a small force of enchanted troops attack alongside Murtagh and his dragon, Thorn. Elven spell-casters aid Eragon and Saphira and cause Murtagh and Thorn to flee, winning the battle. After the fight, Roran marries Katrina. The leader of the Varden, Nasuada, then orders Eragon to attend the election of the new dwarf king in the Beor Mountains. Once among the dwarves, Eragon is the target of a failed assassination, found to be the work of the dwarf clan Az Sweldn rak Anhûin, whom the dwarf Orik then forces into exile. Having earned the sympathies of the dwarves, Orik is elected the new king.
After Orik's coronation, Eragon and Saphira return to the elven capital Ellesméra to train. There, the elf Oromis and his dragon Glaedr reveal that Eragon's deceased mentor, Brom, is Eragon's father. Glaedr also reveals the source of Galbatorix's power: Eldunarí,[2] or heart of hearts. An Eldunarí allows the holder to communicate with or draw energy from the dragon it belongs to, even if the dragon is deceased. The deceased dragon will be still alive in some manner but cannot move. Galbatorix spent years collecting Eldunari, and forcing the partially deceased dragons to channel their energy to him through their Eldunarí. After training, Eragon visits Rhunön, the elven blacksmith who forged all the Rider's swords, who forges Eragon a sword in a very indirect way, which he names Brisingr. Before Eragon and Saphira depart to the Varden, Oromis says that the time has come for him and Glaedr to openly oppose the Empire in combat alongside the queen of the elves, Islanzadí. Thus, Glaedr gives his Eldunarí and a fairth of Eragon's mother to Eragon and Saphira before they part.

  •  maybe ada yang kate aku copy paste, well, unfortunatelyle kan.. aku just nak kongsi buku ni aje. sebab aku mmg dah ikut cerite ni dari 2006 lagi..lagipun kalo ikut ayat aku sendirik maybe jadi cerite lain, and novelnye tak ade kat tangan jadi tak dapat nak bace semule n gune ayat sendiri..mmg ade ebook tapi tak sedap, bace bnda yang statik aje.
  • kenape aku suke cerite Christopher Paolini ni

    • sebab bahase yang die gune mmg mencabar sikit, esp bnde fantasy, ape die mencarut pon bukan aku tau, tapi sedap dibace coz of his grammar, the way he storytelling this, makes me feel like i'm part of the character.
    • eventhough the series is a bit drag of time, from 3books to four, but, what can i say here,its really worth it.. it maybe not as famous as JRR Tolkien, or JK Rowling or even Stephenie Meyer from my POV, but once u read this whole story, u know why i chose it as my favourite ever.
    • the character in here, shows that, regardless u just the boy-next-door or watsoeva, if u choose ur own path, to determine ur own future, nothing can stop u.
    • the plot line are strong, because he did really expand not only his storyline but also all the character. when u thought that it mainly on da main character, think again

  • and the good news is, on 08 Nov 2011, the last and latest book of Inherintance Cycle will be released.. Gosh i really waited for it almost 3years after da last one.
  • and i love ...totally in love wif eragon character. sape tak suke character utame.. ngengenge :)

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