Saturday, May 28, 2011

Book Review: The Host

Buku yang buatkan aku jatuh cinta kat sci-fi novel
jeng jeng jeng
THE HOST written by Stephanie Meyer
aloh, yang buat novel Twilight Saga tu.

ni aku kasik sipnosis pasal buku ni:

Melanie 'Mel' Stryder is one of the only rebel humans left after the invasion of the 'souls'. After insertion into a human body, alien souls erase the human occupant and establish claim over the body and mind. Wanderer is a soul who has lived on eight other planets previously, Mel being her ninth body host. Upon insertion into Melanie, Wanderer is overwhelmed by the vividness of human memories, emotions and senses and quickly learns that she has not established full claim over Melanie's mind.
The Seeker, who is in charge of Melanie's body, starts to worry about Wanderer's apparent lack of control over Melanie's mind. Wanderer is bombarded with Melanie's memories and her powerful yearning for Jared Howe (her love interest) and Jamie Stryder (her brother), and soon finds herself feeling strong love for Melanie's former companions. She becomes desperate to find out whether they are still alive. On a road trip to Tucson, Melanie remembers her Uncle Jeb telling her about a secret hideaway he once made, and which Jared is aware of. Wanderer sets out to find the hideaway, with a vague sketch of the path from Melanie's memories, and is found by Jeb on the verge of death. She is taken to the hideaway, a complex of caves in which a group of rebel humans live, but is treated spitefully as they consider Wanderer a parasite in Melanie's body. Many of the humans believe she should be put to death and attempts are made on her life, most notably by Kyle O'Shea, despite the protection provided her by some of the humans, including Ian O'Shea (who strangled her when she was first brought there), Jeb, and Jared (who experiences powerful, conflicting emotions towards his alien-possessed lover).
Over time, Wanderer, now becoming known as "Wanda", becomes a part of the group's routine by working, eating, and becoming an unofficial history teacher by telling stories after evening meals about her experiences in former hosts on other planets occupied by the souls. During this time, Ian, Jamie, and many other humans befriend Wanda. The Seeker, still not convinced that Wanderer was killed in the desert, returns in a helicopter, but is unable to find the caves. Ian's brother Kyle attempts to murder Wanda by throwing her into a boiling underground river, but is unsuccessful because the cave floor collapses and he is knocked unconscious. However, Wanda saves Kyle's life because of his resemblance to Ian. A tribunal is held and it is decided that Kyle is allowed to stay, though many of Wanda's friends are upset about this decision, particularly Ian, who believes that Kyle deserves to die after his plot to kill Wanda. Jared also defends her, which shocks Wanda. Ian is also shown to be falling in love with Wanda, and kisses her. She tells him to stop because of Melanie's anger, and she is confused about her own feelings since she has been deeply infected by Mel's love for Jared. After spending more time with Ian, she realizes she loves him too, but Mel doesn't approve.
Jamie soon gets an infection and Wanda realizes that she can be used as a raider as she is trusted by other souls. After injuring herself in order to get treated by Healers, she takes the necessary medicines to help Jamie. The humans let Wanda help out on raids, now that she is trusted by them. Following a raid in which the Seeker is caught and Wes is shot by the Seeker, Wanda decides to reveal her biggest secret: how to remove a soul without killing either the human or the soul, a procedure that Doc had been attempting unsuccessfully. She promises to teach Doc under two conditions: first, they must send the souls to new planets without harming them, and second, Doc must remove Wanda's soul from Melanie's body and bury Wanda, because "she does not want to be a parasite any longer". Wanda successfully removes The Seeker and sends her to another planet, and the body the Seeker was in is revived. Wanda then teaches Doc how to take out the souls himself.
Ian is enraged at the idea of Wanda ending her life so that Jared can have Melanie back. He forcibly takes her to his cave where they reveal their love for each other and kiss again. However, she sneaks away from him after he falls asleep, still determined to give up her life for Melanie. Wanda has Doc remove her from Melanie's body, believing that she will die thereafter, according to their agreement. However, she awakens in a new human body whose original owner was possessed as a baby and therefore has no suppressed human personality, and it is revealed that Jared and Ian forcibly prevented Doc from carrying out the agreement and that most of the humans want her to stay as one of them. Ian and Wanda become partners and are practically inseparable. The book ends with the rebels discovering another group of humans who also have a soul among them. This discovery suggests that humanity and souls together may still have hope for the future.
Akunyer POV, tak kirela, melayu punyer cerite mahupon novel english, ataupun bahase2 lain:

  • aku giler strict pasal plot line dia. lagi-lagi kalau aku rasa cam dia nyer character ntah ape2. rase cam nak siku orang pon ade gak. tapi novel ni memang trang tang tang, jalan cerita yang macam ko pulak jadik watak utame.besh
  • type of book: science fiction
  • novel ni dah lame kuar, tahun 2010, May kalau tak silap ah, coz waktu birthday aku kowt!
  • yang bestnyer, berbaloi sangat, coz its have an unexpected twist of plotline, sth that u didn't expected it to happen,
  • bagi aku character "Wanda" tu memula cam hampeh, tapi bila aku baca, esp in the middle part. aku suka giler kat character dia ni. kire aku tabik toing le kat Stephanie Meyer. 
  • kat sini, main point cerite dia ni, aku leh kata la, tak le berat sangat, dari stail penceritaan dia ni pon, aku leh paham. penggunaan bahasa yang standard. 
  • harge pon tak mahal, depends pada jenis cover yang korang beli, kalau setakat paperbacknyer cover, bawah RM40 je, hardcover mahal, tapi dijamin puan hati
  • P/S: tolong sediakan kotak tisu, lagi banyak, lagi bagus. :P
  • aku kasik novel ni 9.8/10 bintang. sebabnyer... bace dulu ah, gerenti tau kenape
  • P/S/S: beli yang reprint kalo boleh. coz kalau dapat yang 1st edition, dorang tak masukkan part terakhir i.e. 2bab akhir. ngengnge dahle part yang terbaik. gerenti nangis guling2 kalo baca yang 1st ed nyer

p/s/s/s: thnx to wikipedia The Host (novel)

Monday, May 23, 2011

Monolog Luaran Aku Budak Praktikal 1#

uiks.. kate je nak jadikan blog tutorial 
sabar ah beb...
guitar tak jumpe lagi.
nak carik yang sedondon ngan warne kulit aku kowt..!
kena la pilih dengan berhati-hati
disebabkan aku pon tengah mood budak praktikal lagi.
aku wat versi monolog aku la yek,,,
yang pasti tutorial tu aku akan wat ujung bulan ni kowt...
jangan kena gelak sakan ngan orang udah
okey, cukup sampai disini~, eh! aku lom kuarkan monolog aku lagi

yang pasti minggu ni, minggu keenam? aku prak kalo tak silap
lagi 6minggu nak say buhbye
ari ni memang agak tidak memuaskan ati
yela kalo setakat kena wat keja orang2 lain tu cam dah jadik rutin jekan

tapi kalo kena marah sebab kesalahan orang lain.
you are so over da top!
ini tidak adil...
i dun like u at all, erk? okay for dis moment only

aku rase kan, aku ni kan kena anaktiri adiktiri atoktiri pon yek gakle kat opis
ngan alasan yang tidak munasabah mahupun muhasabah..
wat da hulkhogan!

aku nak citer panjang pon tak gune. coz nama aje  monolog kan!
eh? monolog tu ape ek?
entah cek kamus.. 
tengah membare ni..
esok kena jage front desk agi..
wei, hello, aku bukan receptionist.. 
aku nak wat research ohkey..........
ko dahle kasik keja xnak melampau banyak
pastu nak cepat.
dah tu kalo silap, suke suki ko nak marah depan orang
ok fine lah kan
tetibe, dah marah2, mintak tolong pulak..
yang minah ni, selagi nak ambik kesempatan tu, agak2 ah
elaun dahle cipot.
keja ko, keja aku, keja aku, keja aku.. ape kes...

dah setel. ilang geram jap.. 

Sunday, May 15, 2011

blog aku akan bertukar tema... yayyy

asik dok sibok citer benda yang aku tau korang bukan nak bace sangat pon
better aku wat tema blog aku sendrik,
tu pon sebab aku tengah addicted kan, 
kalo tak, tak denyer aku nak cenggitu
tema yang aku maksudkan ini ialah
jeng jeng jeng

aku nak jadikan blog ni sebagai 

blog tutorial untuk gitar and piano for beginner.

kite belajo sesama
aku akan sharela sumer ilmu yang aku ade dengan korang
tak kisahla kalo korang kate kat luar sane banyak dah benda cenggini
tapi tu stail dorang, 
stail aku lain kot
aku nak share gak lagu-2 yang korang leh praktis time boring
takde la sampai leh goreng belacan pon gitar tu
bak kate aku, versi beginner. kalo ade yang expert n nak tolong ajar same pon aku suke
setujule sangat..

dari korang dok main game ntah pekejadah *no offense,cz aku pon same* 
better main gitar. 
takde la niat sampai nak jadik yuna or mereka2 yang pames tu
it's juz 4 fun k..

nak wat request
akan dipertimbangkan.. sebab aku pon baru blajo, muahahahaha

Saturday, May 7, 2011

hari Ibu

aloh..lambat nak call mommy, 
duh..tak pe.. bagi aku, tiap-tiap ari, ari Ibu
tapi aku panggil mak aku mak, camne nak smbut ari Ibu
*hehe ikot lawak sepah semalam*

tak pe,, aku ni 1malaysia
aku panggil bunda,mama,mommy,mak,omma,okasan
sume nama aku sebot
tak ade maknenyer
janji yang aku panggil tu mak aku.. sian mak
mak, mak
kalo kite kaye sok, kite antar n join skali gi naik Haji agi mak ek
*kompem bukan dam aji*
kalo kite dah keja sok, kite nak bawak mak gi mane aje mak suke
*tapi org len jadik drebar le, kite tak reti drive*
kalo kite dah beli umah, mak dok ngan kite ek, 
kalo mak taknak, bukan setakat pokok bunge mak yang melambak tu kite hangkot,
silap2 tapak rumah tu kite letak gak atas lori, dah alang2 kan
mesti mak tak nak jauh2 kan. takpe, kite dekatkan yang jauh.. 
*macam iklan raye tahun lepas*

mak nak ape je, cakap, kalo kite mampu, kite kasik
sape lagi yang kite ade.. mak aje yang ade ngan kite..
boipren? takyah ah, tak wujud pon
kawan2? lerh, tu time susah betol baru sibok msg. time senang, bulu idong pon xnampak
mak je yang terbaik.. sayang mak..

so, mak.. selamat hari ibu
doakan kita jadik anak yang baik.. 

p/s: rindu my mommy. waktu keja pon teringat.. 

Tulun le Jgn dera hotak haku n no touchy2 subject k...

aku rase cam minggu ni paling tak best ahh
dah nangis guling-guling lagi tadi..
nyampah tol ngan akunyer admin kat opis tu
eskuis me k..
1st of all, aku tak tau langsung pasal rules yg mengatekan 
no sample of docs allowed
duh, n no need to sound so sarcastic esp in front of other staffs n clients 
u sun of beach.. *hehe*

geram giler sangat sampai masa tengah kena marah tu aku wat tak tau je 
esp bile dia tengah bebel
aku bukan nak bias nor racist
tapi aku rase minah cina ni, cam hampeh..
ko dah le terang tang tang marah aku depan sumer orang

gediks.. bile aku nak pegang tepon nak calls. 
ko dah pegang dulu, eventhou tu meja aku..
n aku expect ko dah calls le uncle tu, sebab tangan dah gatal pegang phone kan
bile aku gi antar file *aku tak hengat aku wat ape*
n si client tu pon sengal sipot gak.. tak sesabo.. 
n si minah sepet ni tetibe sound direct cakap aku tak pass msg
wat da huh!
yo minah, ko pesal..

ok, fine, aku ngaku, aku salah expect le kan..
pastu tangan dia gatal lagi, sibok bukak fail aku
ape kes.. 
pastu nampak le aku wat nota pasl sumer dept
kunun tanye le aku dapat note dari mane
dah aku cakap aku wat sendrik
muke tak caye, 
dah ko nampak aku dok kehulu ke hilir tanye staff, 
bute ke hape. tule mate tu sepet ,mulut tu tajam sgt tu yg tak nmpak
dan2 tu, marah plak, coz tak tanye kat die.
huh.. again eskuis me..
ko sape.. ko keja admin k.. aku tanye pasal conveyancing n litigation
kalo ko expert sgt, mesti ko yg wat sume fail kan..
hanceng tol...
dah tu 
kalo aku tak tanye, ko dah macam singe period, 
inikan kalo aku tanye, mau teros ko menopause...

hangen giler ah.. pastu dok selak2 tu, 
nampak le akunyer sample..
aku dahle tak tau.. ko kalo tegur bebaik. aku ikot kot.
fine, macam le aku nak sgt.
isnin aku pulang balik..
ko bersifat bias cz aku ni adik kawan boss ko, so?
wat da house.. aku blajo n keja coz aku sendrik..
abg aku just tnye tempat aje..tau gini aku g firm lagi satu
baru 3mnggu ko dah start menhanjeng ek..
well, sorry old lady... 
u wanna mess up..
two can play dis games as well.

akunyer supervisor pon xde nak marah lelebih..
n aku bukan nak tunjuk pandai or watsoeva..
tapi, kalo aku respek, n yet u dun appreciate it..
just throw it on da bin k..
i dun need to show it, esp to u...
ko padam jela objektif kat citu...

gini ceritela kan.. 
tak de makne nyer aku nak wat chambering kat situ..
better tempat baru..
tak pon, time ko dah berenti...
n nasib bek prak aku 3bulan..
xde keja aku nak lelama

kalo aku geram, aku ketok die ni gne senjate rahsie aku..
jeng jeng jeng..

senjate paling besh lawan nyamok tua yang bising

Ya Allah, Kau sabarkanlah hati hamba-Mu ni Ya Allah... 
Tabahkanlah aku dari segala cabaran.. 

lega dapat luah perasan...